Outbound Services

Whether you need B2B or B2C services, Contact Center USA has the customized Outbound Service solution you need.   Offering 24/7 services 365 days of the year, our friendly team of experienced agents are the best in the business, representing your brand with the highest level of professionalism, ethics, and customer focused accuracy.

Talk to us today about our outbound call center programs including:

Appointment setting

Have our team reach out to your clients or leads to set sales appointments for your sales team.

3rd party verification

Have our team act as your independent party to confirm your customers’ requests for product or service changes.

Conference and registration

Hosting a conference? Let our friendly and enthusiastic team field your calls and handle registrations over the phone.

Customer acquisition

Looking for new customers? Our team will reach out and offer live sales and service offerings directly to potential customers.

Customer retention and win back

Reach out to customers to ensure they are having the best experience possible, while at the same time ensuring that those customers who may be unhappy are assured that you have their best interests in mind and win back their loyalty.

Customer satisfaction surveys

Have our team reach out to your customers to take satisfaction surveys and deliver the results to your inbox quickly.

Customer support

When your customers need someone to turn to for help, let our team be the friendly and helpful support they need to ensure they have the best experience with your brand.

Customer care

Expand your customer experience with customer care outreach.

Database enhancements

Let our team enhance your database to ensure effective and efficient business processes continue with the latest updates available.

Direct mail follow-up

The next step in your direct mail campaign is follow up. Capture leads and customer retention with our team. Our friendly sales representatives will follow up on those leads and help you qualify your leads and close the deal.

Education forms and warm transfers

Need help processing enrollment forms or prequalifying and transferring interested parties back to you?

Lead generation services

Need a team to generate qualified and quality leads?

Market intelligence services

Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting out or an established business, you need to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry. Our team will help you do your market research and competitive analysis.

Order fulfillment

Once an order is placed, our team will scramble to pick and pack and ship your orders out in the timeliest and cost efficient way, anywhere in the world.

Order taking

Peace of mind is worth a lot, and nothing beats talking to a real person. Our order takers will take orders for your products and services over the phone and give your customers a positive experience.

Product registrations

Have your customers register their products quickly with our friendly team.

Product sales

Reaching out to your target market, our skilled sales team will promote and sell the benefits of your products and close the deal to generate more revenue for your company each and every day.

Retain, renewal and loyalty

Keep your customers happy with our active campaigns to ensure your customers remain your customers for years to come.

Sales after service

Support your customers after sales with the ultimate in customer aftercare.

Sales support

Our team can reach out to leads and help your sales team sell more each and every day. Don’t have a sales team yet? Let us help!

Telemarketing services

Also known as telesales, this is direct marketing over the phone to help your company sell products or services.  We can sell directly or we can arrange for subsequent appointments for your sales team to call the leads generated through our calls.

Transcription services

From meeting notes to doctors’ reports and patient files, our transcriptionists are available to offer you accurate and fast turn-around transcription services, while ensuring client and customer/patient confidentiality at all times.

Up-selling and cross-selling

Promoting the benefits of your products and additional products to your customers is what our team is all about!  Let our skilled team upsell to your customers for increased revenue.

Welcome programs

New customers and new clients deserve special care. Our team of professionals will contact your new sign-ups and welcome them to your service and expound on the benefits of being part of your community of customers.

Ready to create the solution you’ve been looking for?  Working closely with our experienced representative, you will have the opportunity to customize your approach to your customers like never before.  When it comes to the Customer Experience (CX), Contact Center USA is the team you need.