Fraud Prevention
and Cyber Security

24/7 Protection by today’s technology and skilled Fraud Detection Experts

Protecting your brand and the privacy of your customers is critical in today’s digital world.  Contact Center USA provides proactive fraud prevention and detection solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

  • Proactively prevent fraud
  • Security and prevention audits
  • Community and employee compliance
  • Fraud detection and escalation
  • 24/7 on-the-job human and technology based
  • Real-time monitoring

Threats are not always obvious. In fact, today’s hackers and fraudsters are savvier than ever.  Our team can identify masked threats and potentially fraudulent activities and escalate them to your team immediately for further action.   Our real-time fraud monitoring by skilled experts protects your company from account take overs and reduces chargebacks.

Today Peace of Mind is Everything

Your brand needs to be protected and your reputation needs to stay intact.  Our team will help reduce liabilities that come with fraud-related instances, and ensure your customers feel safe and secure interacting with your brand online.

  • Moderating user and customer created content
  • Moderating social media for mentions
  • Online credit card fraud prevention
  • Account security
  • Password and account recall fraud detection
  • Reducing chargebacks
  • Mediation and appeal processing between parties

Our contact centers are skilled in the latest fraud prevention and content moderation strategies and are available to protect your brand 24/7.