Government Services

From information hotlines to crisis management, Contact Center USA is honored to be your secure, trusted, qualified outsourced call center for local, state, and federal government agencies

Your Security is our Priority

Our stringent security and reliability assurances ensure that citizen data is protected.  Following strict training protocols, our live agents are trained to deliver government services with the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and quality control.  Your government clients and citizen clients will always receive the most confidential, priority-organized delivery of voice, mail, email, and social messaging where and when you need it.

Government Services Call Centers

Keep your campaigns and citizen contact plans on time with our customer care agents. From small local setups to large federal capacities, services of all sizes are managed by our experienced team 24/7/365, smoothly and effectively.  Our team is trained in all aspects of managing inbound and outbound government communication while our strict quality control protocols ensure that every call is managed to meet your expectations.  In addition, statistics and data analytic reports are available to you so you can see your call volume, types of calls, and more.

Emergency Management – Fast, Intelligent Responses

Our live operators are available 24/7/365 to respond quickly and efficiently to anything from priority notifications to national emergency alerts.  Live agents will screen your calls, allowing urgent callers to be given priority.  Time sensitive information is expertly handled to ensure it reaches your government clients and citizen clients when they need it – NOW.

Bi-Lingual Agents to Address Your Clients

Contact Center USA’s multi-lingual workforce possess the skills and abilities to deliver professional response in a multitude of languages. Our diverse group of multi-lingual service agents can deliver inquiries, requests, notifications, and important messaging along a multichannel network.

We have decades of experience in providing inbound and outbound services and are dedicated to being your reliable, secure, and trustworthy partner for all your government communication needs.